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There are five things you can do to prevent getting sick during the winter season, according to Dr. Gillian Stephens of St. Louis University Medical replica Cartier W1550051 Men's watch Center:1. Make sure you get enough sleep every night.2. Dont go overboard with foodkeep eating healthy.3. Stay hydrated.4. Exercise regularly.5. Dont stress out too muchstay sane during the holidays. Aileen Torres

While hanging out at the AFI FEST in L.A. to promote my doc Best Worst Movie, I took time to check out the premiere of Modern Collective, from Poor Specimen, Taylor Steeles production company. Its been getting a lot of hype, so I figured I replica Cartier W1550151 Men's watch needed to see for myself what it was all about. The film is director Kai Nevilles first feature, and it follows the pros Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne, and Jordy Smith as they turn tricks on hard, chunky waves.

The RAYMOND WEIL Nabucco mechanical collection has enjoyed rapid international success since being unveiled in 2007. Now the Swiss watchmaker is set to mark Baselworld 2009 with the launch of a new, exceptional model from this exclusively masculine range - a timepiece plunged into total darkness, symbolising the quintessence of replica Cartier W640020H Ladie's watch masculine elegance. Black. The colour of luxury and refinement, of mystery and power. A colour of total class. . . What other colour could better embody the unique charisma of the nabucco rivoluzione, the latest model in RAYMOND WEIL's star collection?

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Because TLC didnt have enough drama with the dissolution of Jon Kate Plus 8, the TV network recently acquired Sarah Palins Alaska, a documentary series about the remarkable Governor Palin and her home state of Alaska. Mark Burnett, the producer of Survivor and other reality shows, will be the executive producer on this eight-episode travelogue, according to The New York Times. We can only hope that a visit to the North Designers Replica Cartier Mens W20060D6 Watches Slope will be accompanied by drill, baby, drill chants and that Palin will take us to her elusive Russia-viewing spot. But what were really gunning to see is her heli-hunting technique. Filming has yet to start, but is the controversy surrounding Palins project already rolling in? You betcha!-- Jennifer L. Schwartz

Inside the Senator Navigator Perpetual Calendar, automatic manufacture Caliber 100-07 guarantees this precision.Automatic Designers Replica Cartier Mens W20011C4 Watches manufacture Caliber 100-07 commands a power reserve of more than 55 hours (+/- 10%) and sports a reset mechanism that allows for easy synchronization of the second hand with a time standard. Unlike other reset mechanisms, the second hand here is neither connected to the winding stem nor the crown. As a result, when the crown is pulled out the balance remains in oscillation and the movement continues to run, significantly reducing material stress.

The reset mechanism is activated by pressing a separate button on the side of the case at 8 o'clock.A soft, used-look calfskin strap with stainless steel buckle provides the perfect finish to the pilot look of the Senator Navigator Perpetual Designers Replica Cartier Mens W200737G watches Calendar. Glashütte Original represents a living, authentic manufactory, high exclusivity, traditional watch since 1845, exclusive mechanical masterpieces, and "handmade in Germany. " Images/text courtesy of Amy C. at Swatch Group (Prestige Brands Division)

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Just in time for Baselworld 2009, Glashütte Original presents the next model in its successful line of pilot's watches: the Senator Navigator Perpetual Calendar. This high-flying timepiece soars with a robust 44 mm stainless steel case in typical pilot's Designers Replica Cartier Ladies WE5002X2 watches look, sporting a traditional matt black dial with large Arabic numerals and line markers for the minute and second displays as well as blued hour and minute hands. The added perpetual calendar functions have been seamlessly integrated into the dynamic design of this efficient timepiece.

The disks for both day and month and the typical Glashütte panorama date are displayed in white on a black background resulting in a visually clear and balanced dial. Nothing gets in the way of the dial's legibility at night either; the hour numerals, and the blued hour, minute, and second hands are inlaid with the luminescent material Designers Replica Cartier Santos 100 Mens W20073X8 Watch SuperLumiNova. The Double G logo guarantees a counterbalance on the tip of the second hand.In order to do justice to the dynamic character of the timepiece, designers at Glashütte Original decided to create a leap year display using a hand at 12 o'clock: when it points to the red L, it is currently a leap year. In addition to a perfectly legible dial, rateprecision is vital in a pilot's watch.

Now, in addition to skiing the onelift hikefriendly area with a guide (or without a guide on certain days in December and April) skiers and Designers Replica Cartier Santos Ladies W20012C4 Watch snowboarders can opt for a heli lift to the peak of their choosing ($159); a full day of heliskiing on untracked peaks and bowls otherwise unreachable from the area ($999); or a day of heliaccessed ski touring ($320), which includes a drop in the morning, guided touring all day, and a pickup in the afternoon. Locations dependent on conditions and skier/snowboarder abilities, of course. For more info, go to Silverton Mountains website.Kate Siber

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On the face of the watch, matt suces in black are combined with a decentred carbon-fibre dial which displays hours and minutes. Vertically arranged titanium inserts lead to the marvel of the "flying" tourbillon which rotates once every minute around its own axis. A natural black rubber strap which has been embossed with the Perrelet Logo and a Designers Replica Cartier Mens W69013Z2 watches titanium/red gold deployment buckle compliment this watch specialty. This limited Tourbillon edition is immediately available at official Perrelet retailers throughout the world. Images/text provided by SwissTime.

Expertonly Silverton Mountain in southwestern Colorado has its fair share of diehard followers—with good reason. It gets stupid amounts of snow, it has steep and alarmingly (in a good way) wild terrain, and the Designers Replica Cartier Mens W62031Y4 watches atmosphere is, well, lets just describe it as laidback. This momandpopper for the adventurous set, however, is poised to gather a few more devotees this season. They just leased their own helicopter and, after successful trial runs last year, are launching a fullblown heliski operation.

c1514082.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud U Boat U1001 watch 10 U Boat watches are a lot like classic American Muscle cars expect for the American part that is. They are big, made with lots of metal, have cool designs on them, and make you feel good being around them. At the same time, they aren't very practical, Designers Replica Cartier Ladies W62017V3 watches don't always have what they look like they should under their hoods, and aren't the most comfortable machines to use on a daily basis. Italo Fontana's U Boat brand has come very far since being a pure fashion brand of big watches with a design scheme that vaguely resembles its namesake German submarines.


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Geographic data collected in the tags showed that the leatherbacks traveled a very specific path out to a large area of the Pacific called the South Pacific Gyre. Scientists arent sure why they travel to this ocean desert, but it may be to feed on replica Ulysse Nardin watch jellyfish.The information can be used for practical purposes. Leatherbacks have been around for roughly 100 million years, but in the last 20 their populations have declined by 90 percent. Predation on beaches, egg hunting, coastal development, entanglement and ingestion of trash in the oceans, and fishing bycatch have hit their populations hard.

By understanding exactly when and where they travel, governments may be able to bond together and limit fishing on the highways they migrate over. Given that the turtles seem to move in a predictable way from thenesting beach through the replica Zenith watch equatorial region from roughly Februarythrough April, we could potentially suspend fishing in certain areaswhile the leatherbacks are passing through that part of the easternPacific, said George Shillinger of Stanford Universitys Hopkins Marine Station in a press release. Such a geographically precise suspension of fishing would help fishermen avoid bycatch, and improve the likelihood that sea turtle mothers could make it back to their nesting beaches to lay more eggs. --Joe Spring

Rock and Ice reports that the 9th annual Red River Gorge Rocktoberfest fundraiser was a huge success, raising $23,000 to pay off the mortgage on a 750acre plot of land preserved for rock climbers. This plot of land in the PendergrassRecreational Preserve in Kentuckys Daniel Boone National Forest was saved by the Red River Gorge Climbing Oris replica watches Coalition in 2004. The RRGCC has held Rocktoberfest every October to raise funds to permanently buy the land. This year 600 people attended the three day event which included the Reel Rock Film Tour, yoga, live music, and various competitions.Alison Kelman